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Ant Colony Rejuvenation Kit

Restock your ant habitat with this refill kit. Includes a Bag of Sand (large enough for most habitats), Ant Food, and a Fresh Supply of Harvester Ants. Everything you need to get your ant habitat running again.

Full Kit Price: $7.95   
Sand Only Price: $4.00   

Ant Gel Refill

This crystal clear ant gel is specially formulated to nourish your ants as they construct an elaborate path of tunnels. You can refill a previous gel ant farm, or create your own. For a fraction of the cost of a new gel ant habitat, you can enjoy an existing ant farm over and over again. Each packet creates Approximately 1.5 cups of gel.

Choose from 3 Colors - Original Blue, Red, or Green.

Price: $8.50    

Ant Food Packet

A packet of dried foods for your ants. Feed them a small pinch of food twice a week. One packet is plenty for several supplies of ants.

Note: Gel ant habitats do not require feeding. The ants get their nutrition from the gel.

Price: $1.50   
magnifying glass

Magnifying Glass

If your Ant Habitat does not come with a Magnifying Glass this one will help you study your ants up close.

Price: $4.95   
water dropper pipet

Water Dropper Pipet

A useful tool for putting water into the ant habitat.

Price: $0.45   
bug jar

See-Through Bug Jar

Capture bugs and study them with this handy see-through bug jar. The magnifying lid allows for a closer view of the subject. You can study the bugs safely from underneath and from all sides. The bug jar is about 3 inches tall with airholes in the lid. Great for the young entomologist.

Price: $4.95